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The VFX Media is a publishing network that focuses on promoting and sharing inspiration, knowledge, tools and resources that helps the motion designers community.
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Personal approach
Your individual needs will be taken into consideration while promoting.
Niche audience
A Global audience of motion design enthusiasts.
Gain knowledge
Gain access to tools and resources with all the necessary expertise to help you grow.
Genuine audience
No artificial engagement or bots. The amount of interaction you see on our postings will entirely depend on the provided content.
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Frequently asked questions

What do I get by subscribing to your patreon?
For now, you will be featured once or twice on our Instagram pages @vfx_media + @highonrender based on the plan you select.
Can we cancel our patreon subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your patreon subscription any time you want.
How many followers will I get by promotion?
Well this question has no definite answer. The engagement totally depends on the content that you provide. We have had many paid promotion resulting into the artist getting 1000+ followers as the posts went viral and got reposted on many other account, on the contrary few artists whose work needs improvement got 5-10 followers. We don't use fake engagement to hype up our metrics so once we post, it totally depend upon the Instagram algorithm.
Do you create portfolio sites?
Yes, shoot us a mail at vfxmediaig@gmail.com or fill the contact form above and we can discuss it in detail.
Do you promote products/addons?
Yes, we do. We can create a marketing campaign to help you reach your sales goals. We are also open as an affiliate partner depending on the product.