Create real-time realistic fire in Unity3d

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December 20, 2022

ZibraAI has recently released a new tool for creating realistic real-time simulations of smoke and fire in Unity3D. This tool, called Zibra Smoke & Fire, utilizes a multigrid pressure solver and a custom volumetric rendering system to create dynamic, lifelike simulations.

In the example provided, the simulation is able to move with a car, creating the illusion of a boundless simulation. This demonstrates the versatility of Zibra Smoke & Fire, which can be used to create a variety of cool volumetric effects.

Whether you're looking to create ambient volumetric effects or more realistic simulations of smoke and fire, Zibra Smoke & Fire is the perfect tool for the job. If you're interested in getting early access to this powerful new tool, you can join the waitlist and purchase an early access package from the ZibraAI website.

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Artist mentioned in the article
Mykhailo Moroz
Love physics simulations and rendering algorithms. Currently, work at @ZibraAI as Lead 3D Research Engineer.

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