Unreal Engine's Procedural Content Generation Framework

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June 21, 2023

The Procedural Content Generation framework (PCG) is an exciting toolset currently in early development within Unreal Engine. This framework empowers artists and designers by providing them with the capability to create their own procedural content with ease. From simple asset utilities like building or biome generation to crafting entire worlds, PCG offers a versatile solution for content creation of any complexity.

One impressive showcase of the PCG framework's capabilities is the Electric Dreams Environment Sample Project. This project illustrates how the PCG framework can be utilized to build tools, establish rules, and expose parameters to populate vast scenes with Unreal Engine assets of your choosing. By leveraging PCG, the process of creating large-scale worlds becomes fast, interactive, and highly efficient.

Built with interactivity in mind, the PCG framework offers a scalable solution for world building, allowing artists to maintain artistic control.
  • Benefit from faster iteration and immediate feedback through live-editing tools.
  • Unlock new gameplay opportunities by utilizing the runtime component of the PCG framework.
  • Easily customize, share, and reuse procedural content at various complexity levels.
  • Take advantage of extensibility features to build your own tools tailored to your specific needs.
  • Leverage the integration with other Unreal Engine features, such as Geometry Scripting, to enhance the capabilities of the PCG framework.

Complex multi-graph interactions
  • Access data from Actors and output from other graphs to construct your own graph.
  • Regenerate the graph dynamically when changes occur.
  • Examples of complex interactions include constructing a ground surface based on neighboring embankment outlines, positioning objects based on their surroundings, and triggering dynamic events like landslides.

To explore the capabilities of the PCG framework and experience the Electric Dreams Environment Sample Project firsthand, you can download the sample project files from here.

In conclusion, the Procedural Content Generation framework within Unreal Engine opens up new possibilities for artists and designers. With its fast iteration, interactivity, and scalability, PCG enables the efficient creation of complex procedural content, from individual assets to entire worlds. By harnessing the power of PCG, combined with the extensive Megascans library, you can elevate your creative projects to new heights, bringing your imagination to life in a dynamic and captivating way.

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