Free Embergen tutorial: Turning yourself into a smoke dude

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July 11, 2023

Norwegian digital artist, Polyfjord, recently shared a captivating smoky dude animation. The artist generously shared the step-by-step tutorial on his popular YouTube channel, offering fellow enthusiasts a glimpse into his artistic process. To achieve this mesmerizing effect, Polyfjord relied on EmberGen, JangaFX's GPU-based tool for real-time smoke, fire, and explosion simulations.

The tutorial covers various aspects, including finding inspiration in EmberGen, recording personal motion capture (mocap), refining the mocap in Blender, crafting the Smoke Dude using EmberGen, and adding shading and lighting effects in Blender.

For those intrigued by Polyfjord's artistic prowess, there are additional tutorials available on his YouTube channel.

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Digital artist from Norway

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