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Free Slime Geometry Node Setup by Ilyasse L

June 18, 2024
Minute Read
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Ilyasse L
3d generalist
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Ilyasse L, a 3D Generalist based in Montpellier, France, recently shared an exciting project featuring a geometry node setup. Known for his innovative work in 3D modeling and animation, Ilyasse's latest creation mimics the behavior and texture of slime, combining geometry nodes with dynamic painting.

The Project

Fun and Free Setup:Ilyasse’s project is not only fascinating but also accessible to the community. He has generously made the geometry node setup available for free, encouraging others to explore and learn from his work.

Dynamic Painting:The project utilizes dynamic painting techniques, allowing for real-time interaction and modifications. This makes the setup highly versatile for various creative applications.

Access and Download

Ilyasse has shared the geometry node setup on Gumroad, making it easy for anyone to download and experiment with.

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