Free Underwater Caustics Shader for Blender by Smouse

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June 29, 2023

Smouse, a talented 3D Technical Artist & Generalist based in Atlanta, GA. Specializing in Blender, Smouse has recently developed an impressive Underwater Caustics Shader that is turning heads. The best part? He is generously offering the Pro version of this shader for free, but only for the next 24 hours!

This incredible shader brings underwater scenes to life by accurately simulating caustic light patterns. By incorporating this shader into your Blender projects, you can achieve stunningly realistic underwater effects. To see the shader in action, check out the demo video posted by Smouse.

But wait, there's more! Smouse is also giving away a free copy of his Shaders Plus addon to a lucky supporter. This powerful addon enables you to achieve real-time caustics, dispersion, and physically accurate thin film interference effects in both Cycles and Eevee. Don't miss the chance to witness the addon's capabilities in the demo video.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, make sure to grab your free copy of the Underwater Caustics Shader on Blendermarket or Gumroad.

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3D Technical Artist & Generalist

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