Generating refractive caustics with Geometry Nodes

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November 15, 2022

Procedural artist Hemigon has been experimenting with Blender's geometry nodes to create this beautiful real-time refractive caustics.

Have a look at the thought process behind each part of the setup.

The mesh and brightness/color attributes are generated with Geometry Nodes then rendered with additive alpha blend shaders in EEVEE
- Hemigon

You can see a simpler version of this setup at work in this animation.

If you want to see Uncompressed and Extended version you can watch this YouTube video. From the video you can see that one can adjust the properties like Light intensity, Dispersion, Refraction, light direction and more, and you will be able to see the change in real-time.

The caustics node setup is available on Gumroad for free.

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Procedural Artist
3d artist interested in procedural animation and simulations.

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