Lockdown 3: The After Effects Plugin for Tracking Warping Surfaces

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Software used:
July 13, 2023

Chris Vranos, a developer based in New York USA, has recently unveiled Lockdown 3, an incredible plugin for After Effects that revolutionizes surface tracking. With Lockdown 3, you can effortlessly add realistic 3D depth to your mesh, allowing for seamless integration with popular 3D applications such as Cinema 4D and Blender.

Unlock the power of Lockdown 3 with these amazing features:

  • Track Warping and Planar Surfaces: Say goodbye to manual tracking! Lockdown 3 enables you to accurately track and stabilize warping surfaces in After Effects, saving you time and effort.
  • Convenient Stabilized Composition: Clean up and paint with ease using Lockdown 3's convenient stabilized composition. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free editing experience, even with complex footage.
  • AI-Powered Generative Fill: Take advantage of the cutting-edge technology behind Photoshop's A.I. Generative Fill. Lockdown 3 seamlessly integrates this feature, allowing you to apply it to moving footage via the Paint Link.

For a limited time, Lockdown 3 is available at a special discounted price. The original price of $399.99 has been reduced by 25%, bringing it down to just $299.99. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal, as the discount is only valid until July 23rd.

You can get Lockdown 3 from here.

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Chris Vranos
Creator of Lockdown and Composite Brush. Total nerd.

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