Master Unreal Engine Materials with pwnisher

June 8, 2024
Minute Read
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Clinton Jones
3d generalist
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Clinton Jones, better known as pwnisher, is a renowned 3D/VFX artist and YouTuber with over a million subscribers. He is celebrated for his photorealistic 3D renderings and immersive 3D art challenges that inspire a global community of artists​ (YouTube)​​ (KitBash3D)​​ (Puget Systems)​. In his latest video, pwnisher simplifies the complexity of Unreal Engine materials by creating a future-proof master material. This master material will serve as a foundation for all future projects, ensuring consistency and ease of use across various levels of complexity. Here's a breakdown of the six levels covered:

  1. Basic Material Creation: Learn to create a material, add textures, and make them swappable.
  2. Texture Controls: Add controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, roughness, specular, and normal intensity.
  3. Switchers for Controls: Implement switchers to control textures via 0-1 sliders.
  4. Material Functions: Build functions for position, scale, and rotation, allowing textures to tile and slide.
  5. Surface Imperfections: Integrate surface imperfections into the roughness channel with blending controls.
  6. Dirt Overlay Function: Add a dirt overlay function to the albedo/color category with position, scale, and rotation controls.

Finally, pwnisher demonstrates how to migrate this master material across different projects and apply it to a piece of art. This video is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to streamline their material creation process in Unreal Engine.


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