Real-time eye shader in Unity

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December 11, 2022

Sakura rabbit has created a real-time eye shader that utilizes HDRP(High Definition Render Pipeline) to achieve a highly realistic and detailed rendering of the human eye.

You can adjust the iris size, pupil dilation, and even the iris colors to match your character's design. Not only is this shader visually impressive, but it also allows for a level of realism and immersion that can take your character to the next level. If you want to try out this eye shader for yourself, you can download the Unity project file from the creators fanbox.

Overall, this is a fantastic example of the power of HDRP and the ability of Unity 3D to create highly realistic and detailed materials and textures. Whether you're a professional artist or just getting started with Unity, this eye shader is definitely worth checking out.

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Sakura Rabbit
Character artist

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