RizomUV 2024: Transforming UV Mapping

June 22, 2024
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Rizom-Lab has launched RizomUV 2024, marking its most significant upgrade since 2018. This version introduces a suite of new features and enhancements aimed at improving the UV mapping process for 3D artists and game developers.

Enhanced User Interface

The new user interface supports HDPI with variable DPI across all platforms, eliminating blurry UI elements. It includes full UI scaling and zoom settings, a new viewport contextual menu for quick mode changes, and a decluttered design with intuitive long-press buttons and dropdown behaviors.

Trimsheet and Hotspotting

RizomUV 2024 brings advanced trimsheet functionalities, allowing users to load and export trims layouts in multiple formats like PNG, BMP, TGA, and SVG. The trims can be locked, reshaped, transformed, and tagged. The hotspotting feature provides precise matching of islands to trims with real-time updates and customizable display options​.

Advanced Transform Tools

The transformation tools have been significantly improved, offering comprehensive options for fitting, aligning, and distributing UV elements. The universal fit and align tool adds various matching and snapping options, enhancing precision and ease of use​.

Viewport Enhancements

The viewport enhancements include shortest path functionality for polygons and improved snapping options. New features such as a sharpness histogram for edges and an independent luminant texture mode add to the editing environment's versatility.

Algorithm and Packing Improvements

The auto seams tool now reads polygon geo normal or user vertex normals, while packing has been optimized with better orientation algorithms and more understandable scale settings. Density maps now influence island sizing during packing and hotspotting, improving UV layout efficiency​.

Island Groups and Tagging

New panels for island group management and tagging allow for better customization and control. Users can change colors, isolate, hide groups, and create elastic, rigid, and stack groups directly within the software.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Additional updates include RizomUVLink Python modules for versions 3.11 and 3.12, DXF file export options, and improved PNG export capabilities. Normalize and unnormalize tools, along with tile scaling and offset fields, provide more control over UV transformations​.


RizomUV offers both pro and indie licensing options.

Pro licensing (for entities with turnover over 100,000 Euros/year):

Virtual Spaces - 34.90 Euros/month.

Real Spaces - 59.90 Euros/month

Indie licenses (for hobbyists or independent artists with turnover under 100,000 Euros/year):

Virtual Spaces - 14.90 Euros/month (rent-to-own) or 149.90 Euros (perpetual).

Real Spaces - 29.90 Euros/month (rent-to-own) or 299.90 Euros (perpetual).


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