Xeofrios' Mind-Blowing Blender Donut: A Procedural Masterpiece

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June 20, 2023

Xeofrios, a talented 3D hobbyist, Blenderer, and procedural enthusiast, has recently captured the attention of the Blender community with an intriguing project featuring the iconic Blender donut. But this is no ordinary donut; it pushes the boundaries of creativity and showcases Xeofrios' mastery of Geonodes in Blender. The project has left users astounded and sparked enthusiastic discussions among fellow Blender enthusiasts.

I'm amazed and slightly envious of those who understand geometry nodes so well. I wish I could learn it too. This is really cool! - BrianWagJr

Not surprised at the reactions of the users. If you liked this project do check out previous projects of Xeofrios

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Artist mentioned in the article
3D Hobbyist, Blenderer, Procedural Enthusiast

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