Nick Medukha: Master Houdini

Master Houdini with specific tutorials by Nick Medukha on his Patreon
step by step
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Nick Medukha
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Nick Medukha
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Nick Medukha is a talented 3D artist based in Riga, Latvia, primarily focusing on Houdini. His work is well-known for its technical precision and creative depth, making him a prominent figure in the 3D design community. Learning Houdini can be challenging due to its procedural nature, reliance on scripting, and the necessity of understanding complex 3D concepts and algorithms​​. Nick offers step-by-step tutorials on his Patreon channel, which are ideal for navigating these difficulties.

Find more about Nick on his official website.

Step-by-Step Houdini Tutorials on Patreon

Nick offers a comprehensive collection of Houdini tutorials on his Patreon channel. These tutorials are designed to take you from beginner to advanced levels, providing step-by-step instructions and detailed insights into various techniques.

Preview of what you will learn:

  • Monthly Tutorials: Each month, Nick releases 3-4 tutorials covering different aspects of Houdini, including fx algorithm setup, material setup, lights, and cameras.
  • Exclusive Content: Patreon subscribers get early access to tutorials and can download project files for personal use.
  • Community Interaction: Join a vibrant community of fellow 3D designers, gain mentorship, and participate in career consulting sessions.

Explore Nick's Patreon at Nick Medukha Patreon.

Preview of YouTube Tutorials

Nick's YouTube channel offers a few free tutorials. Here are three must-watch tutorials:

1. Easiest Flowers in Houdini
Easy RBD morph
Abstract particle dissolve

Visit his YouTube channel to watch these tutorials and more: Nick Medukha YouTube.

Access Project Files on Gumroad

In addition to YouTube and Patreon, Nick provides access to project files through his Gumroad store. These files allow you to delve deeper into his projects, understand the intricacies of his techniques, and apply them to your own work.

Check out Nick's Gumroad store: Nick Medukha Gumroad.


Nick Medukha's dedication to sharing his knowledge and skills makes him an invaluable resource for anyone interested in 3D design and Houdini. Whether you are just starting or looking to advance your skills, his tutorials, project files, and community support provide a comprehensive learning experience.

For more information, visit Nick Medukha's official website.

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