Sanctus Library: 290 high quality procedural materials and more for blender

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January 15, 2023

Sanctus, has announced a new upgrade for their popular Sanctus Library for Blender. This latest update will include a number of exciting new features, including Procedural Skin (no UVs needed) and Procedural Anti Slip floor material.

The Procedural Skin is a game-changer, as it eliminates the need for UVs, making the process of creating realistic skin much faster and more efficient. The feature also includes controls for freckles and moles, allowing for even greater realism and customization.

In addition to the new skin feature, Sanctus will also introduce a Procedural Anti Slip floor material, which is perfect for creating realistic and immersive environments.

Since the last article, Sanctus has also introduced a Personal Use License (Non-commercial) for $19. This license includes all materials and assets, a Material Baking tool, and free updates. It also allows users to upgrade to a commercial license at any time, by paying just the difference. This is great news for indie game developers and beginner 3d artists, as it provides a cost-effective solution for accessing high-quality assets and tools.

You can get a free Lite version which consists of 39 materials and 5 geometry nodes asset to try it out. And if you choose to go with the full version(Non-Commercial) for 19$, and the full version(Commercial) for 35$ this is what you will get:-

  • 290 high quality procedural materials. The list will keep growing every month
  • 32 Shader Tools to create and modify your own materials
  • 11 Geometry Nodes Assets
  • EASY BAKING Tool included
  • More than 16.000 users

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