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The Immersive Goldfish App by Solo Indie Dev Masataka Hakozaki

July 10, 2023
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Masataka Hakozaki
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Masataka Hakozaki, a talented solo indie developer, is currently working on creating a captivating goldfish app for mobile devices. In a recent development, he shared faintness test for the fish in the app. By touching the fish excessively, users can witness it fainting, adding a unique interactive element. Masataka used the powerful URP (Universal Render Pipeline) in unity3d to bring this innovative feature to life.

The app itself is highly intuitive and immersive. You can explore its potential by watching the captivating demo video that Masataka posted, which showcases not only the delightful interaction with the fish but also the ability to interact with the flowers and water.

If you're eager to experience the app firsthand, you can download it from his Patreon page, where you can support his work and gain access to this remarkable creation.

Furthermore, you might be interested in exploring Masataka Hakozaki's previously shared Unity3d Water Caustics Plugin for Realistic Effects. This plugin enhances the visual quality of water in Unity3d projects, adding a touch of realism and creating mesmerizing effects. Be sure to check it out for an enhanced visual experience in your own Unity projects.

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