Unity3d Water Caustics Plugin for Realistic Effects

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January 6, 2023

Are you looking to add realistic water expressions to your Unity3d scene? Look no further than the incredible water caustics plugin created by solo indie dev Masataka Hakozaki. This asset makes it easy to add essential caustics to your Unity project.

The plugin contains two modules: a Texture Generator and an Effect for URP.

The Texture Generator

  • It can generate rich, realistic caustics animated textures at runtime using a Compute Shader to simulate waves and light refraction.
  • It is adjustable to create both realistic and cartoon-like effects
  • Works with all rendering pipelines
  • The Generator also includes a range of features such as 4 Wave Layers, 3 Drawing Styles, Chromatic Aberration, Blur, and more.

The Water Caustics Effect for URP (Universal Render Pipeline)

  • Allows you to apply caustics effects using the camera's depth and normal textures.
  • It supports VR and has been updated to support Deferred rendering in URP 12.0 and Forward+ rendering in URP 14.0.
  • It can also be applied individually using Custom Functions in shaders, making it possible to apply the effect to materials that are not rendered in depth textures, like transparent textures.
  • Some additional features of the Effect include the ability to specify range using Rectangle/Stencil/Image mask, attenuation by depth and distance, and more.

This plugin is compatible with Unity 2020.3 LTS or higher, and can be downloaded for just $35 from this link, and even comes with a manual to get you started.

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Masataka Hakozaki
Solo indie dev

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