Blender guru: Donut series

Discover Blender Guru's essential Donut Series, perfect for beginners in 3D modeling.
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Andrew Price, famously known as Blender guru, is one of the most renowned resource hub for learning Blender, a powerful and free 3D modeling software. Andrew Price, a self-taught 3D artist, has been creating tutorials since 2009, helping millions of aspiring artists worldwide. His engaging teaching style, combined with his practical and comprehensive tutorials, makes learning Blender an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Iconic Donut Series: A Must-Watch for Beginners

One of Blender Guru's most popular tutorials is the 14-part Donut Series, which is highly recommended for anyone new to the 3D world. This series is designed to take beginners through the entire process of creating a 3D donut, covering essential techniques and tools in Blender. By the end of the series, you'll have a solid foundation in Blender and a delicious-looking 3D donut to show for it!

Donut series

Part 1: Intro

Andrew covers Blender's interface, basic navigation, hotkeys, and guides you through making your first render.

Part 2: Basic Modelling

Learn about adding and changing object parameters, altering mesh shapes, and using proportional editing.

Part 3: Modelling the Icing

Create donut icing by adding thickness, using proportional editing, and extruding.

Part 4: Sculpting

Explore Blender's sculpt mode with inflate, grab, mask, and mesh filter brushes.

Part 5: Shading

Delve into PBR shading and create a realistic textured marble countertop using image textures.

Part 6: Geometry Nodes

Get introduced to geometry nodes by scattering points and instancing them as round sprinkles.

Part 7: Geometry Nodes (Long Sprinkles)

Learn about origin points, bevels, collections, and randomizing rotation for long sprinkles.

Part 8: Rendering

Discover random color values, render engines, and using your GPU in Cycles for realistic rendering.

Part 9: Layout

Model a plate and stack donuts for a visually appealing layout.

Part 10: Lighting

Explore the sun texture light system, snapping, importing models, and installing addons for effective lighting.

Part 11: Compositing

Use the compositor to create glare, lens distortion, and perform real-time compositing.

Part 12: Animation

Learn animation basics, including keyframes, easing, the dope sheet, and the graph editor.

Part 13: Rendering

Determine the correct sample count, render still image sequences, and follow a pre-rendering checklist.

Part 14: Finale!

Turn image sequences into a video using Blender's video sequencer and take on a donut challenge.

Whether you're a complete novice or looking to refine your skills, Blender Guru's Donut Series is the perfect starting point. Dive into the world of 3D modeling with Andrew Price and join the thriving community of Blender artists.

Visit Blender Guru's YouTube channel for more tutorials and resources to continue your 3D journey.

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