Sanctus Library: The Ultimate 950+ Procedural Shaders Collection for Blender

Discover the Sanctus Library for Blender: 950+ customizable procedural materials, extensive Geometry Nodes tools, and real-time decal features.
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Sanctus Library is a comprehensive collection of high-quality procedural materials designed for Blender 3D. Developed by Kolupsy, this addon offers a vast array of materials and tools to enhance your 3D projects, ensuring both beginners and professionals can achieve stunning results with ease.


Key Features
  • Extensive Material Library: With over 950+ procedural materials, Sanctus Library provides an extensive range of options, including metals, woods, stones, fabrics, and more. Each material is highly customizable, allowing for unique and personalized looks.
  • Geometry Nodes Tools: Includes a growing collection of Geometry Nodes tools and assets to streamline your workflow.
  • Decal Tool: A non-destructive, real-time decal placing tool with over 350 image decals for added detail and texture.
  • Asset Browser Ready: For those who prefer not to install the addon, Sanctus Library is compatible with Blender's Asset Browser.
Product Versions

Sanctus Library is available in several versions to suit different needs and budgets:

  • LITE: Free version with a limited number of materials and assets.
  • PERSONAL: Priced at $29, this version includes all materials, assets, and features for non-commercial use.
  • COMMERCIAL: For $39, this version offers a commercial license with all materials, assets, and features.
  • STUDIO: At $120, this version is designed for up to 10 seats, making it ideal for larger teams and studios.
Purchase and Download

Sanctus Library can be purchased and downloaded from the following links:

Documentation and Support

Comprehensive documentation is available to help you get started and make the most out of Sanctus Library:

For support and community interaction, you can reach out via the official discord page of the Sanctus Library.

User Statistics and Reviews

Sanctus Library has garnered significant popularity within the Blender community:

  • Downloads: Over 32,700 downloads
  • Sales: More than 18,500 sales
  • User Ratings: An average rating of 4.9 stars from 387 reviews

Users have praised the library for its high quality, ease of use, and the continuous free updates that add new materials and features regularly.

Community and Updates

The Sanctus Library community is known for being supportive and active, with regular updates ensuring that users always have access to the latest materials and tools. Notable updates include:

  • Sanctus Library v3.0: Released on May 15, 2024
  • Sanctus Library v2.9: Released on January 25, 2024
  • Sanctus Library v2.8: Released on October 28, 2023
  • Sanctus Library v2.7: Released on August 20, 2023

Here's what some satisfied users have to say:

  • "Fantastic texture pack from one of the best procedural texture artists out there!" – Francis Jasmin
  • "Amazing. A great collection of procedural materials, highly customizable." – Laurent Bessault
  • "This is awesome! I liked every material in the pack. No doubt Sanctus is a procedural wizard." – 3D Laria

Sanctus Library is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their Blender projects with high-quality procedural materials. Its extensive library, ease of use, and continuous updates make it a must-have addon for both hobbyists and professionals.

For more information, visit the Sanctus Library Official Website or purchase directly from the Blender Market.

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