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Discover witty and engaging Blender tutorials on the Stache's YouTube channel, making learning 3D modeling fun and enjoyable for all skill levels.
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Welcome to the resource page for the Stache's YouTube channel! Here, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your Blender skills, from tutorials to proejct breakdowns.

Channel Overview

Stache's specializes in creating high-quality and witty Blender tutorials. Catering to both beginners and advanced users, Stache's videos simplify complex 3D concepts, making them easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Featured Popular Tutorials

Here are few recommended tutorial/breakdowns of the blender projects he worked on.

1. Photoreal render in blender

Learn to create photorealistic renders in Blender using a smartphone and KIRI Engine app, with tips on photo scanning techniques, lighting, and optimizing results.

2. Short film in blender

How to create a short film in Blender using a low-end laptop, overcoming hardware limitations, and focusing on optimization and creativity.

3. Creating Realistic 3D Water in Blender

Learn to create realistic 3D water in Blender, including murky water, clear pool water, ocean scenes, rain, and underwater effects, with tips on materials, animations, and fluid simulations.

4. Cinematic Fog in Blender

Learn how to create realistic cinematic fog in Blender, covering global and localized fog, volumetrics, optimization tips, and using add-ons and VDB smoke for enhancing 3D scenes.

5. Creative robots in blender

Learn how to create and rig creative robots in Blender by modeling mechanical bits, using reference images, and assembling them into unique designs. Tips for both beginners and advanced users.

Exclusive content

By supporting Stache on Patreon, you'll gain access to exclusive content, project files, behind-the-scenes insights, and advanced tutorials, helping you dive deeper into the world of Blender.

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For more tutorials and resources, visit the Stache YouTube Channel.

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